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Eighner & Lizbeth

Lars Eighner was born on November 25, 1948 in Corpus Christi, TX. Eighner grew up surrounded by many literary influences and at age 11 he went to a creative writing workshop by George Williams. For most of his adult life Eighner wrote for the community and nonpaying publications but he did not submit his work to paying publications until 1983. His first short story collection, Bayou Boy, was published in 1985. Two years later he lost his job in the state asylum in Texas and because he did not have the income to support himself and keep his home so he moved to the streets. Eighner and his dog, Lizbeth, were homeless for three years. While he was living on the streets he began writing his experiences about being homeless down on paper. His essay On Dumpster Diving describes Eighner’s experiences with scavenging for items and foods in dumpsters as a way of survival. The essay first appeared in the Fall 1991 issue of Threepenny Review. In 1996 Eighner and Lizbeth relocated to San Antonio, TX where the housing available was more affordable than where they had been currently living. The two were homeless again when a teaching position fell through for Eighner and he had no money to pay for the apartment. He currently lives in a small apartment in Austin and supports himself by writing short stories and essays.

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Bad Novels, Agony Literature and Literary Fakes by Robert Nagle. Photo of Eighner and Lizbeth